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1967? A long time ago! Year «Sgt. Pepper »and the Year of Love. Time of flowers and explosion of pop. The LSD's culmination and "2000 light years from home".

Bernese Riding School, however, was at that time only an old horse hall with warehouses. She waited for her subcultural revival, which happened exactly 20 years later, under the leadership of a moving and unhappy youth. Somewhere between them, was born Claudio Gianfred, who later took over the name Balduin. A vuschelkopfiges, Bebrilltes Bern baby prodigi, from a childhood known from the DNA pop.

Timeless bijou

Last Thursday Balduin reconciled the enlightened spirit of 1967 with a sudden storm and a move from 1987. After several years of hermitism in an independent creative kitchen studio, he pulled on the Rossli-Bar scene at a riding school for a rare concert. He also had several vinyl records, which are also timeless gems due to the packaging designed by the Belgian graphic designer Buro Destruct.

Balduin is the opposite of a local hero. Every time he released new music on the English label Sunstone Records, his world fans were overjoyed with praise. The Bernese musician has already been compared to Beach Bois's Brian Wilson, the founder of Pink Floyd Sid Barrett and Paul McCartney. But in Bern 2018 Balduin hardly knows someone.

Dragons and vampires

Raised in the head is Balduin, neither worshiping his fans, nor his own psychedelic pop. He entered every song he played in Rossly, the text that he read from the list. It's about the height of the dragons, the love of the vampires or the eyes in long colors. In any case, the colors fascinate the playful writer, so his lucid music works like a kaleidoscope. They all flow to each other, gently and without coercion.

While Balduin records all the instruments solo for his recordings, he concentrates on his guitar in Rossly and in other ways believes in the band in four parts. She has mastered everything but a simple task reliably and rarely entered into trouble, even in more complicated passages. The fact that two musicians would otherwise play dead rabbits Alternative Rock with the band Dead Bunny welcomed in 2018 on live arrangements surrounded by Mellotron and melodic bassists and returned them to reality after a trip to the magical carpet.


A restrained balloon may not be a born entertainer, but it does not necessarily have what you want in a sound that is so rich and playful – and may even be an embarrassment. Nevertheless, he did not owe anything to his small but well-known amateur base. At the end of the concert, Balduin was sitting on stage, leaning over the Indian sitar to get out of the strange sounds of rich tones, as George Harrison once worked on his spiritual quest. Time is over.

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