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The central piece is the defensive: Panic does not know the Nati – Sport



After 4 World Cup matches, the quarter-final door is open for the Nati. This, thanks to the best defensive performance for years.

The heart of the Swiss National Ice Hockey team is the defensive. Because they do not leave anything to burn and irradiate a tremendous security. In the past, when fans had always had an 1-0 lead behind a possible counterattack, they could be very relaxed in Bratislava.

Only great teams play so well.

Against Latvia, Austria and even against the rebellious Norwegians, the Swiss were never in danger after the 1-0 scoreboard. Patient and disciplined, he went through his game. Even the hard Norwegians were not bothered. Only great teams play so well.

They will follow the samples of the correct nails

This is a new quality for the Swiss team. The defensive task is correct, the five campers assure their own goal. There is no panic in Patrick Fischer's team.

However, the Swiss still face the acid test. Against the adversaries rather harmless, the Swiss were saved by defensive panic. In the three remaining group games against Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic, it is necessary to confirm the impeccable defensive performance. It will not be easy, but it is possible for this consolidated team.

Impeccable defense is not enough. From now on, the offense must work more efficiently. The 20: 2 goal difference denies offensive defects. Because: 185 Swiss needed Swiss for these 20 goals. This means that, until now, every 10 years has reached success (10.81%).

To keep up with the numbers: this also means that the Swiss have failed 165 times with the opposing goalkeepers. That is too much. Especially because the other opponents of the tournament improve defensively.

If the Swiss want to win a World Cup medal this year again, they need to urgently have a greater degree of efficiency in the final and continue the discipline sacrificed in defense.

Broadcasting reference: SRF two, sportlive, 15.5.19, 16:00

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