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The city of Geneva publishes a list of city council costs


The City Council of Geneva requested a list of city government spending over the past ten years. The accountant had previously criticized the excesses.

Annegret Mathari, Geneva

National Advisor Manuel Tornare (sp). (Image: Gaetan Balli / Keistone)

National Advisor Manuel Tornare (sp). (Image: Gaetan Balli / Keistone)

The city government of Geneva announced Thursday a comprehensive list of members' expenses between 2007 and 2017. The front runner is now national advisor Manuel Tornare (sp). The city council office, which includes representatives of all parties, requested a list from the Court of Audit after having encountered excessive allegations of city councilors in early November. Through indecency, the numbers also arrived on the French-speaking Swiss RTS television, which released the numbers on Wednesday. As a result, the City of Geneva sent documents to the media "on transparency" on Thursday, and not without a sharp criticism of the leak.

40,000 francs a year

Of the eight city councils that were in office between 2007 and 2017, politician SP Manuel Tornare, who was elected to the National Council in 2011, spent the most. On average he spent more than 40,000 francs a year. He had the most transportation costs, as well as higher telephone costs than his colleagues.

Tornare told RTS, a Swiss television transmission, that the high travel costs explained that he had to travel to China in 2010 in connection with the Swiss Pavilion at the Shanghai World Trade Fair in Shanghai several times. Tornare is the mayor of the city in 2008 and 2009 – in his press release, the City of Geneva said that this office is associated with overcompensation. In addition, Tornare emphasized that his cost reports were controlled by various authorities.

As for his phone costs (about 13,000 francs in 2011), he said that at that time there was no Swiss subscription with benefits like today. And when he met with patrons to eat, he could save money for the city of Geneva.

Barazzone is the second place

Guillaume Barazzone (cvp.) Is the second on the list, an average of 38,000 francs a year. He was criticized by the Court of Audit mainly because of his 17,000 franc phone and internet costs in 2017. He acknowledged "unwanted mistakes" and so far was the only city council for repayment of money, about 52,000 francs. Barazzone is already right. This is currently investigating whether he has taken advantage of the punishment because last year he was invited by a friend of Formula One in Abu Dhabi.

Salerno with the lowest costs

Behind Barazzone was the president of the city of Sami Kanaan (sp.), Who held this office in 2014/15. Godini, at an average of 27,000 francs in third place, in front of Esther Alder (Green) with 26,000 francs and Pierre Maudet (fdp.), Moved to the cantonal executive with 22,000 francs in June 2012. During his year as Mayor, Maudet had telephone costs of 13,000 francs. He justifies this on request with the fact that the previous contract on the city's mobile telephony does not contain unlimited discussions or unlimited browsing. Such a subscription was introduced only in July last year. Remi Pagani of the Ensemble a Gauche an average of 19,000 francs and Sandrine Salerno (sp.) About 14,000 francs. Salerno served twice as president of the city in the past ten years.

In Geneva, the Prosecution in Geneva has in the meantime launched a procedure for unfair administration, officially against the unknown. Five current city councilors must be available as respondents. On Wednesday, the state prosecutor's office searched the house in the offices of city councilors and other premises of the city.

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