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The dispute to change time becomes a court case – News Zurich: City of Zurich


A large part of hospital staff carries professional clothes. Until now, the exchange time has not been paid. The VPOD syndicate and the SBK Nursing Professional Association want to change this; They can rely on the Secretary of State for Economy (Seco), which has defined the time of change as working time.

In the last few weeks, they have been negotiating with hospitals in Zurich, who fear massive additional costs, on a mutually acceptable solution to the problem. So also with the university hospital. According to the president of SBK, Regina Soder, things look good: "Unispital was prepared to respond to our proposal to compensate for the change of time with days of compensation." But now the Hospital Council, the highest governing body of Unispital, has decided otherwise: there are no additional days off.

Because this would entail, according to the reasoning, in combination with the new holiday regulations for lack of personnel. Instead, it has now been simply defined that 15 minutes of change of time are service times and service time for service remains the same. For the SBK as for the VPOD this is unacceptable. Regina Soder: "This would reduce the transfer times, the repetitions of one in the next round would be shorter. This is not feasible in nursing." The SBK wants to talk again with Unispitat's leadership. If there is no agreement, the association will consider legal actions. The VPOD has already prepared or submitted salary claims for several hundred hospital workers in the canton of Zurich. According to trade union secretary Roland Brunner, there are only 157 employees in the university hospital that claim the salaries of the last five years; The total amount of claims amounts to about 2 million francs. With an acceptable solution, many would probably have waived demands, so that Brunner. "But now we will fight in the courts." (Tages-Anzeiger)

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