Monday , March 8 2021

The dukes Meghan and Kate send feedback on the Internet

The relationship between Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan should not be good. The respective amateur camp of both give unpleasant comments online and leave the palace desperate.

Between Duchess Kate (37) and Duchess Meghan (37) they must prevail for months of air thickness. The supposed tensions in the palace provoke even among the real fanatics to play: like "Hello! Magazines, "fanatics of Meghan make verbal attacks on Kate's fans and vice versa.

It is assumed that the palace staff can spend hours per week discussing sexist and racist comments about the duchesses. In addition to commenting on women, users expressed serious threats against Meghan and Kate. For the palace staff, eliminating thousands of inadequate comments is a full-time job: "The palace has always observed comments, but it takes a long time. You can block certain words, but some things are really serious. There have been two or three Violent threats during the last year, "says a person with insider information.

The palace seeks help with Instagram

The palace even turned Instagram into a workout to face hate reviews. "The worst thing is happening among fans of Kate and Meghan fans. They argue about who is best dressed, which leads to personal attacks on users," says the source. While Duchess Kate is labeled as "boring," other users accused Duchess Meghan of pretending her pregnancy for attention because she was too thin and kept her stomach constantly.

"Hello," Chief Editor, Rosie Nixon, says: "The comments that appear below our messages-especially those of Kate or Meghan- have become increasingly hostile. Whether it's for the Duchesses or for other users. »

Meghan deleted Instagram to protect his health

At least Duchess Meghan is said to be suffering from the vulgar comments on the Web: according to "Radar Online", he eliminated his secret Instagram account because his hatred was too much. "Since it deleted its profile from public Instagram, the false accounts are followed by friends. There were very bad things written about them," said a privileged person in "The Sun." "She was very close to her. She sealed the account before Christmas to protect her mental health. She felt very isolated and alone" (Kad)

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