Thursday , May 13 2021

The main computer, Manuel Akanji, goes viral with his talent

33 × 97? Because Manuel Acani could discover something in three seconds, now he's viral

Manuel Acani is currently convinced not only in the leaders of the Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund. The central back stopped the sporty panorama on Sunday night – and he also knew how to shake it there. SRF teacher Rainer Maria Salzgeber asks the viewer to select two numbers between 11 and 99 and then multiply Akani in the head. Salzgeber, however, is trying to be faster with a calculator than Acany without tools.

"24 × 75," says a studio viewer – and even before Salzgeter gets knocked, Acany turns out: "1800, it was easy." The calculator then confirms the result.

Salzgeber calls on the observers to take a little harder numbers. "33 × 97" should be this time. Acany needs to think briefly and then meet immediately before Salzgber and the calculator: "3201". Of course, this result is accurate.

Franck Ribery loves smart head Manuel Acani. Image: EPA

Salzgeber is impressed and asks Akani why he can do it. "It's a lot of training, the numbers have enchanted me even at school," explains the defense attorney from Viesendangen near Winterthur. "The teacher has organized many competitions that I have always won. I have always started counting on auto-signs. Do not ask me why."

Performance Acany has impressed fans around the world so much that the subtitled video is now viral. Twitter, Reddit and Co celebrated happy news that not all footballers are limited as much as the cliché is saying. (Zap)

Footballers can also be ridiculous:

Another Swiss who impresses the Bundesliga:

Departures FC Basel in the Bundesliga

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