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The number of cases is rising in the village of athletes: is there a threat of cancellation?

A few days before the start of the 2021 Olympics, there is still a cancellation in the hall. The number of cases among athletes is increasing.

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  • The number of crown cases among Olympic participants is increasing.
  • The first cases have also occurred in the village of athletes in Tokyo.
  • The head of the organizing committee cannot rule out a rejection.

Will the Olympics take place in 2021 or not? Games are scheduled to open Friday in Tokyo, but doubts are piling up a few days in advance. Because: The Olympic people in the capital of Japan are threatening to become a point of reference for the crown.

Should the Olympics be canceled?

Nine more cases of positive Covid tests were announced on Tuesday. Among them is one of the village athletes. Since the beginning of July, 67 positive tests have been recorded around the games.

Therefore, the head of the organizing committee, Toshiro Muto (78), has not yet ruled out the cancellation of the games. “We can’t predict what will happen to the number of crown cases,” Muto said at a news conference.

The Olympia 2021 opens according to plan

“We will continue discussions if there is an increase in the number of cases,” says Muto. The opening ceremony on Friday should be held. However, Olympic sponsors will not be present.

There is an independent hotel in the games for athletes and supervisors who have tested positive. The beach volleyball player Ondrej Perusic also lives there, on Monday he tested positive. The 26-year-old Czech has no symptoms of the disease.

The U.S. gymnastics team around gold favorite Simone Biles also had to digest a crown sleeve. Kara Eaker, 18, tested positive during preparation in Inzai, Japan. At the Olympic Village, two South African footballers were also positive.

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