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The OPF misjudged the risk of aerosols

Researchers around the world agree that aerosols are important vectors for coronavirus. Apparently, the BAG underestimated it.

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  • The OFSP has been developing important protection measures since the outbreak of the crown pandemic.
  • Apparently, however, the danger of aerosols was vehemently underestimated.
  • Now the Federal Office of Public Health wants to adjust the recommendations accordingly.

Even today, there are disagreements around the world regarding the transmission of coronavirus. However, researchers are increasingly agreeing that aerosols are at least as important as drop infection. Now the BAG also wants to follow the same.

Do BAGs not take aerosols seriously enough?

Aerosols have been recognized as carriers of the virus by the World Health Organization (WHO) since July 2020. They were later joined by the U.S. health authority CDC and the German Robert Koch Institute. Only the OFSP seems to focus primarily on droplet infection.

On the relevant OPFF website it says: “Transmission by the longest droplets (aerosols) over long distances does not often occur.” However, it is not true that the OFSP does not see aerosols as a danger. Opinions have already been given to the NZZ am Sonntag in this regard.

Protective measures could be adapted

Upon request, the office states: “We have conducted a new scientific assessment and checked the adjustments made by other organizations. Therefore, we will adapt our texts accordingly. “Consequently, the BAG wants to take more account of aerosols in the future.

Is there a need for useful devices to measure air quality?

The Federal Office of Public Health recommends frequent and efficient ventilation as an important measure. CO2 measuring devices that remind you of this could be useful for this. However, the recommendation for the use of air filter devices is still being abstained. In Germany, for example, they are housed in federally funded schools and kindergartens.

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