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The people of Geneva should deprive the office of the State Council of Pierre Maudet


They have launched two popular initiatives related to the Geneva State Council, Pierre Maudet. One of them is directed directly to the politician of the FDP.

The initiative "People ask for the resignation of Pierre Maudet" is unequivocal: it demands that the FDP politician Maudet (41) leave office – "because of its grave violations of the officiality," as they say.

The text of the initiative also stipulates that "the right to a pension or compensation in relation to the exercise of his mandate as a State Council shall be suspended as soon as the law will enter into force."

Permanent pension of the waves of Maudet

The elected politician for the cantonal government of Geneva in 2012 would be entitled to a life-long pension if he left the government on June 29.

Maudet faces criminal charges for suspicion of harnessing his position because he made a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi in 2015. The adventure caused a serious government crisis in Geneva. The result was the redistribution of the departments: the Liberator had to give all the security policy and the regional council.

The cantonal parliament, the Swiss FDP and the board of directors of the cantonal party asked that Maudet resigned repeatedly. The base of the FDP in Geneva continues to support him. Maudet always said he did not want to give in to political pressure.

Allow general deposition

In parallel to the "Lex Maudet", a second initiative was launched on Monday in Geneva to allow the dismissal of a State Council or a judge. According to a report from the Swiss radio of French-speaking RTS, the collection of signatures began on Tuesday.

The second initiative entitled "No to corruption and lies, yes to exemplary political and judicial power" calls for the inclusion of a new article in the Geneva Constitution, which makes it possible to dismiss the members of the Board of Directors, 39; State and judicial authorities.

"This text establishes the principle and the criteria for the dismissal of a magistrate," said Roger Deneys, former SP director and member of the initiative committee, the Keystone news agency -SDA. Therefore, a popular initiative or a law could require the dismissal of one or more members of the cantonal judicial and executive authorities and also of the entire State Council.

The possible criteria for firing are the long-term incapacity to carry out the business, serious administrative offenses and conviction for a crime whose nature or gravity is incompatible with the exercise of functions . The cessation would also invalidate any right to compensation or pension.

Time to end of August

The initiators have until August 29 to collect the necessary signatures for the two initiatives. (SDA)

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