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The Turkish club offers a commitment to transfer summer


False Jallow Commits: The Turkish club offers a guarantee of transfer in the summer

Unfortunately, there is no image of the faces of those responsible for Menemen Spor when they realized who their hopes were for the maximum commitment with Gambia. Pity …

  • What happened? Menemen Spor, a second Turkish division, is preparing for the new season these days, waiting for new signings.
  • As reported by the Turkish newspaper "9 Eylül Gazetesi", the people in charge had a fixed look at Gambian national player Lamin Jallow.
  • Menemen's joy should have been great, since a mediator offered to the second Turkish division Jallow, which has a market value of about € 1.5.

Surprise in video analysis

In the small city near Izmir, then, they were moved immediately: because the conditions of a second Turkish division, Lamin Jallow, would have been an absolute compromise. So they said yes.

Jallow was invited to prepare a contract – and soon the new signature of the club's website was radiant. But then the Menemen Spor coaches saw videos of their new protector – and they realized: This is not Lamin Jallow!

They asked, "his lover" – and it was clear: we have Alpha Jallow, and not Lamin Jallow. If you are not familiar with Alpha Jallow, this should be excused: most recently, Gambier played Alpha Jallow in the third Portuguese league. The leaders of the club quickly dissolved the contract with their Alpha Jallow.

Now you have to look for a new club. In the Italian Salerno, Alpha Jallow does not even have to prove luck. This is where his compatriot Gambit Lamin Jallow continues. (Pb)

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