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The widow of Aldi counts on the will of descendants


The widow of Aldi Cäcilie Albrecht accuses the heirs of becoming enriched in the Aldi Nord supermarket chain. According to his will, he apparently wanted to prevent his daughter-in-law and his children from taking on important positions in the company.

Cäcilie Albrecht († 92), along with her husband Theo († 88), created the empire of dismantling Aldi Nord. He played an important role there until his death in November 2018 – Aldi was his life. As reported by "Bild am Sonntag", his will was opened in February in the district court of Essen. This clearly shows what "Cecily" had for his heirs.

After his last wish, the five children of his son Berthold, who died in the Aldi Nord group, should not play any role. The newspaper quotes the will of the widow: "The monstrous events of the Jakobus Foundation … have cost many nights without sleep. Because I admit that I can not afford the same or the same … until and everything is close to the Markus Foundation. "

Contemptions of fierce inheritance over foundations

The $ 1 million discount group has three foundations, named Markus, Lukas and Jakobus. It is about protecting Aldi Nord from control. The Markus Foundation has 61% of majority shareholders. For important decisions, the three foundations agree.

For the power of the Jakobus Foundation last year there was a bitter dispute over the inheritance with the daughter Babette Albrecht and the five children arose. In recent years, Babette Albrecht and the five children have spent more than 100 million euros at the Jakobus Foundation. The court won "Cilly" and his son, Theo.

Now, according to the investigation of "Bild am Sonntag", Theo Albrecht Junior and her daughter will have to retain all the influence of the group. The five grandchildren and Babette must stay away from the board of directors of the influential Markus Foundation. This is what Cäcilie Albrecht wants with his will.

"Inadequate to assume a primary responsibility"

Already at his funeral in November 2018, the five grandchildren and their daughter-in-law had been excluded from the commemorative service.

"Cecily" continues with his will: "With this document, I take care to maintain the philosophy of our family, serve and promote the Aldi Nord group, leaving aside their own interests and practicing a modest and modest way of living . »

The children of his son Berthold had clearly rejected this philosophy and, therefore, were "inadequate to assume a high responsibility in the Markus Foundation." (NBB)

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