Monday , April 12 2021

They: Tamy Glauser no longer wants gender-specific pronouns for him

“If I were the Tamy, it would allow me to become therapy for Christian fanatics. And it should be a model like that, ”says the sign that Tamy Glauser has on camera on Instagram. Glauser writes, “We are certainly different, but we are not worth less.” In addition, the model posts more images of people showing signs with hate comments.

Glauser also makes it clear: “And yes, while we are there: you can address me as they do. It took me 36 years to figure it out, so it would be nice if you respected it. “

Gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “they” are used again and again in English-speaking countries to address non-binary people, if they so desire. There is no German equivalent that has been naturalized.

In late 2020, Tamy Glauser broke up with Dominique Rinderknecht. The former Miss Switzerland made public last week that she was pansexual. This means that he not only likes cis women and men, but also trans people and people with non-binary gender identities.

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