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Switzerland is a prosperous country. However, in a survey of the moneyland.ch Internet comparison service, about half of respondents said they had stolen something before. In a representative and anonymous online survey, Moneyland interviewed 1,500 people in German and French-speaking Switzerland about their behavior of theft in their adulthood.

Very often, therefore, he was stolen in the retail trade. 12 percent of respondents say they have something at the forefront at least once Migros Having stolen, a percentage does it often. He was 11 percent in chicken coop They have already had something to follow. So this is at least every tenth Swiss and every tenth Swiss. In self-service checks, 8% of respondents no longer have paid deliberately, 1%, even often, no.

The rate of theft is likely to be higher

Moneyland's general manager, Benjamin Manz, notes that not all respondents have ever used a self-completion service. "That is why the rate of theft of users of self-scanned checks should be even higher," says Manz. Estimate the percentage of theft in auto-scan funds at least 15%: if it only includes those people who have ever paid in a fund of this type.

Over and over, customers inform the media that they do not scan products. «I love the custom payment cash registers. Thanks to them, I save a lot of money, "said a 21-year-old customer on the online magazine« Vice ». Another client confessed to only scanning cheap food and running alcohol car.


Have you ever forgot to pay in the store?

In Migros, one in four customers already manages their purchases in a self-scan terminal. Taking into account only the offices that offer these terminals, it is even a third person, who showed an evaluation of baz.ch/Newsnet. Coop did not want to give any details, but many clients have established and appreciated self-control.

Coop comments: "The vast majority of our clients are fortunately honest, and so are the automotive retail outlets." For security reasons, the distributor did not provide detailed information about theft and did not report stolen statistics.

Migros also informs on request that they do not reveal statistics on the faults. However, the retailer did not see a significant increase in theft due to the introduction of self-help funds and self-scanning, says spokeswoman Cristina Maurer. "Every client should always wait for control, which in some cases may have unpleasant consequences if they are stolen," says Maurer.

34 percent black car

Meanwhile, the Moneyland survey shows that customers also steal other retail outlets: 7% of respondents agreed to steal something from a kiosk, 6% to a clothing store and 5% to one electronic store.

In other places, however, there was no specific payment: 34 percent of respondents said they had previously been on public transport. Eighteen percent have already stolen something at work, and 13 percent of the restaurant and hotel, they have never paid. (Tamedia Editors)

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