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Varhammer: Vermintide 2 – announced PS4 term and closed beta

11/15/2018 16:38 clock

Varhammer: Vermintide 2 – announced PS4 term and closed beta

Fatshark officials today announced the official PlaiStation 4 date for "Varhammer: Vermintide 2" and started a closed beta.

PS4 named and closed beta announced

This afternoon, Fatshark developers announced that the PlaiStation 4 version of the cooperative name Melee Action "Varhammer: Vermintide 2" will be announced on December 18, 2018. In addition, closed beta is already starting today, to which previous customers can take part.

However, besides direct access to closed beta, subscribers can also expect four-day shopping and additional bonuses. The following bonus content is included in Ultimate Edition for subscribers:

  • Direct access to closed beta
  • 4 days before access
  • Shadows through Archi have a DLC
  • Back to Ubersreik DLC
  • 6 heroic works
  • 2 portraits
  • Helmgart Heraldri Download
  • Sigmar fortresses the statue

The players will receive a continuation of critically recognized "Varhammer: End Times – Vermintide" with "Varhammer: Vermintide 2". Chaos warriors entered the dark pact with the ruthless hordes of Scaven. Their goal is to initiate the collapse of the empire of the people.

A total of five different heroes will be available, and players also have a choice of fifteen unique career opportunities. You can stand in the Ironbreak armor against the dark hordes.

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