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Wanders and Kambundji offer the most prominent aspects of the Swiss point of view


Mujinga Kambundji and Julien Wanders laugh well.


Julien Wanders more than 3,000 meters and Mujinga Kambundji more than 200 meters are the third place to highlight the best athletes in Lucerne from the point of view of Switzerland.

On the highway, Wanders top, has the world record of more than 5 km and the European records in the half marathon and more than 10 km. At the 23-year summit, who lives in Kenya, Geneva also wants to rally. Although he still lacks, he is on the right track. In Lucerne, the highest personnel improved with more than 3,000 meters for 6.73 seconds until 7: 43.62 minutes. The time was enough for third place, for the Ethiopian winner Tadese Worku, who lost only 38 hundredths.

The Swiss record of Markus Ryffel in 1979, the oldest of men, was 2.57 seconds. "I know I have that in my legs," said Wanders. "The first kilometer was too slow. I also lost some time on the last lap because I attacked too late. But overall, it was a great race for me." Wanders will compete in his next Race, on July 17, at Hengelo, where he is aiming for the World Championship limit of more than 10,000m. He does not lack confidence in himself, since last Friday he had already reached a clear time above 5,000 m.

Kambundji is third and the limit of the World Cup is broken more than 200 meters

Kambundji also finished third, but not more than 100, but more than 200m – the victory went to Tynia Gaither from the Bahamas (22.69). The 27-year-old from Bern decided to break the World Cup limit in the middle of the lap (22.02 seconds) with 22.90 seconds at the first opportunity (23.02). "I am very happy with the first 200 like this," said Kambundji. And even more, since it had not reached 100 meters. He finished the race only on the 6th place and clearly lost the final. Although conditions with a headwind of 1.2 m / s were not optimal, this does not explain the weak time of 11.53 seconds. She herself had no explanation: "I just could not".

Selina Büchel honors her own demands

Meanwhile, Selina Büchel was lost in the fifth race of the season over 800m outside the World Cup limit of 2: 00.60 minutes. Toggenburgerin, 27, finished fifth with 2: 02.54 minutes. "I never entered the race, I returned from the beginning, although this was not the plan," said the European double indoor champion in this track. After all, he was not as tired at the end as in the previous race. This gives you the hope of improving in the second half of the season, which begins on August 3 with a 600-meter race at the Berne meeting.

However, their services no longer correlate with their own claims for a long time. Since August 24, 2017, it has not been less than two minutes. "It does not always work without problems, which makes our sport so exciting," Büchel said. First, he will do a small building on St. He died for three and a half weeks.

Kariem Hussein is out of breath

Also, Kariem Hussein did not reach his Lucerne tour over 400 m tanks, although the conditions were very good. The 2014 European champion, who had broken last season at the end of July due to pelvic pain and thigh problems, finished fifth in 50.66 seconds. He still can not compete with the good achievements of the training. "I have no strength in the back," said Hussein. "I felt very good until the third obstacle, and I became too passive. Technically, it was not bad. But the liveliness is still missing, and the rigidity is not there. But I am healthy. So everything is fine. season is still long. »

Fog for Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson traveled to Lucerne with the goal of winning more than 200 meters. On the other hand, the 8th and the last place came out with 20.98 seconds: Basel was not full in the last meters. As in Lausanne, he caused pain in ribs. The coaches had warned him to start. Wilson had not finished the lead of 100 meters, believing that it had been a false start.

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