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Will Marzini become an island as before? – News Bern: City

Bern's Local Council approved a project loan for a comprehensive adaptation of Marzilibad. That's about 5.2 million francs. As part of the project work, the city will check whether Marzilibad again becomes an island.

According to a city government statement, by the end of the 1960s, bathing facilities – as seen from the city center – were behind the Aara branch. This was filled between 1968 and 1970, so the island's character of the bath was lost. However, the eventual opening of "Loifu", as it is popularly called, will not be decided until the study task has been submitted.

For the financing of this contract and for the subsequent elaboration of a comprehensive reconstruction project, 5.2 million francs of project loans, approved by the city government for the city council's attention. This decides in the first half of next year to 5.2 million.

36 to 48 million francs more expensive

It has long been known that Marzilibad has to be restored. At the beginning of this year Bern City Council filed a request requesting the early sanitation of sanitary facilities. Almost 33 million francs were set up for a comprehensive renovation in mid-term investment planning, the local council said at the time.

The city council's speech to the city council, which was released on Thursday, now states that it is expected between 36 CHF and CHF 48 million, which does not include the possible opening of the old Aarelauf River. If "Loifu" opens, additional costs of 9 to 14 million francs are expected.

Opening the old side arm would be "urban planning and operational opportunities of great importance," the city administration said in a statement. This would increase the attractiveness of the Marzilla District for local councils. Both swimming-friendly and shallow, only about 50 centimeters of deep canal, were explored by simulating flows for hydro-energy feasibility. "It could be confirmed for both variants," says a lecture by the municipal council. Now, further investigations are needed, for example in terms of area requirements and effects on work.

Marzilibad is under construction: At the beginning of October, the reconstruction of Bueberseelis, the earliest downstream part of the complex, began. It is expected that construction will last until May 2019 and should cost about six million francs.

Restructuring in phases

Among other things, the study agreement examines how to best replace existing pools and how to restore buildings. Cloakroom and cabin structures are classified as valuable for preservation. For this reason, they should not be completely replaced, but rehabilitated.
By contrast, the building of the company and the restaurant is not included in the construction inventory, nor would it be economic reconstruction according to the local council. Therefore, "modern replacement of the building" is planned. In addition, all sanitary facilities, access and parking facilities are being renovated.

All measures should lead to the "unique character known outside of Berne and popular river baths not only preserved, but can be strengthened," as the Municipal Council writes.

He intends to submit a building loan for complete renewal of voters in 2022. Structural measures could apply from 2023. Work should be done whenever possible step by step or out of the bathing season so that only parts of the entire visitor system must be locked. (SDA, / SDA) is

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