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Windows 10: Microsoft wants to fix the update issues


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Update the horror in Windows 10 – it can be better

At the end of the updated year horror promises to improve the Windows Group. Problems are reminiscent of a big rival.

Everything is only half bad in (human) memory. Or even better.

Where was the problem at all?

Well, dear Redmond fans, we need to talk:

Microsoft shivered

This does not mean new hardware. The American company shines here or at least provides solid upgrades.

This applies to Windows 10.

Users of another system or old Windows could laugh this year in a fistful. And watch from a safe distance, as newer Microsoft devices turn over and over again.

Sit down, remember the worst change in turbulence in the first half of 2018:

  • In April, the first major update for Windows 10 had to be stopped at the last minute: a fatal error was detected on computers and notebooks Blue screen of death provoked.
  • When the April Update was finally shipped to 600 million devices, the new version of Windows crashed and crashed the Chrome browser. In addition, there were problems with voice control (Hei Cortana).

It should not be better in the second half of the year. Last month was a "disaster" for Microsoft, comments the Suddeutsche Zeitung:

  • In October, other major updates for Windows 10 removed important folders and personal information from some users.
  • Then, "blue screens and sound problems followed, an Internet connection was broken and the fonts were misrepresented."
  • In the end, Windows 10 disabled even the properly purchased Pro licenses.

Side Remark: IT problems that had a harmful effect on Swiss rail traffic on Wednesday were not the result of an update for Windows 10. This can be ruled out as a cause, the SBB spokesman said.

Microsoft promises (final) improvement

At this point, it should be remembered that Microsoft wants to announce the main update for Windows 10 every six months. In 2018 they both spanked.

System updates update regular monthly security updates on the page Patch TuesdaiBut even then there were major failures, reminiscent of "Suddeutsche Zeitung". "Programs are no longer starting, incompatible drivers make hardware parts useless, in some cases the whole system needs to be restored."

In late July this year, a well-known independent software expert, Susan Bradley, wrote an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satia Nadelli. Her alarming findings, which came only for the anniversary of Windows 10:

"Today, when Windows 10 is turned into three, I am writing to make sure that you are familiar with the dissatisfaction of your customers with the updates posted to Windows desktop and servers over the past few months. In particular, the quality of the updates released in July put the customers in the situation: installing updates themselves and face problems in the software or not installing updates and leaving machines vulnerable. "


Three and a half months – and more updates later – Microsoft has announced through high-level managers that it will be much better. On the company's blog, Michael Fortin, who is responsible for the Windows division, wrote:

"We are working on many fronts to make sure our users have the best and safest Windows experience." "As we see positive trends, we also clearly hear the voices of our users who are facing frustrated problems and we commit to doing more."

Michael Fortin, vice president of Microsoft Source:

At the same time trying to calm down the company. Update issues were trivialized and it was said that relatively few users were affected.

The reported "incidents" of customers have steadily fallen since 2015, says Microsoft

User as trial penis

Microsoft's problem is not the frequency with which this group publishes updates for Windows, in October it was marked by a reputable technological blog Ars Technica.

In short, the causes are complex, and not in shorter periods of release, but in a culture of errors that requires improvement.

Difficulties have intensified as part of a modernized Windows development process: For many years, Microsoft has continued its business strategy with its software: Windows as a service, The company wanted to better respond to the needs of customers and the market and previously provides users with enhanced new features.

Often, a small or poorly tested code is implemented in Windows, Ars Technica criticized. It takes a little time to discover and eliminate errors.

Windows uses hundreds of thousands of different notebooks and desktop computers from thousands of manufacturers, each with its own drivers, "Suddeutsche Zeitung" summarizes the difficult starting position. "They are almost infinite combinations and it is impossible to play in advance through all possible variants."

In addition, four years ago, Microsoft has rejected some of its professional blades that were responsible for such quality control (before publishing).

What does Satia Nadella say? The bold Microsoft boss has not boasted recent software problems. Image: AP

With Windows 10, Microsoft is increasingly relying on customers as moroids, as Apple does (more on that for a moment). But first of all, independent developers must report mistakes earlier.

Eigenlob, instead of concrete measures

Although the so-called. Windows insiders get updates and examine them before they release hundreds of millions of "ordinary" users of Windows 10: But more than ten million volunteer beta testers are obviously not enough, commented Suddeutsche.

Window's Chief Michael Fortin boasted in his current blog of previous quality control and does not disclose what the company wants to do better.

A series of blog posts and improved communication is the beginning, comments The Verge. However, it still needs to work on the Windows 10 operation itself. It sounds like Microsoft is aware that it does not have to have significant new features installed every six months, instead of focusing on improving some of its existing capabilities instead.

In fact, Microsoft has charged two more Windows updates a year more than some of its competitors: Apple traditionally launches a new generation of mobile software and restoration software in the autumn. Android also has a big update annually.

Linus does it

As for Linus, Ars Technica notes that it can work faster: Ubuntu plans two releases a year, and Google Chrome OS, like the Chrome browser, receives updates every six weeks.

In addition to Microsoft's internal operations, there are departments that can easily manage several updated software programs annually. For example, the Office Insider program has a monthly channel that gives office users new features each month without generating too many complaints.

In Windows, Microsoft is now apparently in a position that particularly professional users should run system updates. Techportal Neovin criticizes this presentation in the editorial text: If now it says that anyone who is actively looking for updates, "advanced user", this is not true:

"For years, the company has emphasized that we should update all of our computers to be as safe as possible. So, obviously, this option is only for advanced users who are willing to take risks."

It's probably best to stay away from automatic software updates. The updates that your computer needs can be installed manually.

High danger: When users are tired of the update, even the threatening security holes remain open for a long time.

Which normal users of Windows should work

Those who own the Pro version of the Windows 10 operating system can withstand software updates for a limited time, according to the Suddeutsche Zeitung. This requires changing the system settings (> "Update and security"> "Advanced settings").

With the home version of the Windows 10 operating system, which is preinstalled on most computers, this is much more difficult. You must change the registry entries ("register"), set the network "as a tactical connection" or use third-party software manufacturers. All this is recommended only to experienced users.

Which normal users should work:

  • Regular backups! Provide valuable information so that you can re-install the system if necessary.
  • Keep away from the update button: if you click "Check updates" in the settings, the update process will start automatically – even if Windows still had to wait. It's almost always a bad idea.

Even Apple has a few years of evil behind it

It remains confronted with Microsoft's 2018 update update to remember parallels with Apple's rivals.

IPhone and Mac manufacturers also launched public software testing programs: 2014 for MacOS (OS Xs Iosemite), 2015 for iOS (iOS 8.3 and later). This was inconsequential after the introduction of iOS 8 (and the update had to be withdrawn to iOS 8.0.1).

For iOS 9, Apple wanted to focus on reliability and give up new features. It also seemed to be successful until iOS 11 happened two years later.

2017 is again in history as a software crisis year. In Mac OS High Sierra and iPhones and iPads, they sometimes reported critical vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities. The manufacturer repeated the consequences and announced that it will focus on stability in the next generation of software.

The IOS 12 mobile system released this autumn, as well as the MacOS of Ks Mojave, has kept that promise so far – except for minor difficulties. This also fits the owners of older devices, because they are now working again a little faster.

When faced with an unsuccessful update at the company's headquarters in Redmon, she finally took it seriously, even Microsoft users can hope for a quiet 2019.

This may not only interest Windows users:

Parents and technology …

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