Saturday , October 16 2021

24/9 Lotto 260 million winnings in Taichung The first Jincai 539 prize draws three bets: free Times newsletter

  1. 24/9 Lotto 260 million winnings in Taichung! The first prize Jin Cai 539 draws 3 betsLiberty Times e-newsletter
  2. Big Lotto 260 million first prize Taichung attracts one person to win one million prizes among 17 people in TaiwanUDN United News Network
  3. One person in the Grand Lotto won 260 million.Lottery Distributors: “I think I’m about to open the grand prizes” last week. News Apple News | Apple DailyTaiwan Apple Daily
  4. The first prize of Big Lotto, 260 million, wins 1 bet, and the prize goes to Beitun, TaichungFree finance
  5. Fortune assistance? Grand Lotto 260 million prize money falls, Taichung method of purchase of frequent customers exposedETtay Financial Cloud
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