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A hundred-year-old woman mistakenly believes Merkel for Mark's wife – China Nevs

One year old woman misquoted Merkel as Mark's wife Huashi Nevs

Vang Vei Compilation / France

Leaders and politicians from 70 countries of the world gathered in France last week to mark the eternal war. German Chancellor Ms Merkel stood next to French President Mark Hong. She did not expect that she misunderstood Mrs Merkel, which is so familiar in Europe, had to explain the old German and French dual voices that he was a German officer, not the first lady of France. However, the old lady seems very confused, probably still not understood.

In recognition of the commemoration of the Great War scene, the old lady of white hair saw French President Mark Hong, very excited. A 101-year-old woman said she did not expect a small person like her to handle the French president, and the old man was happy and continued to speak. The next person quickly explained that the old woman is tomorrow for 101 years and that she is a person.

At the same time, the old lady saw German Chancellor Merkel around Mark Hong, thinking that it was Mrs. Mark Hong. German Chancellor Merkel explained to her that she was a German Chancellor. The whole world knows that Mark Hong and his wife are teachers and students, and his wife is already in her 60s and has the same age as Merkel.

Mark Hong heard the old chaos and quickly explained to Merkel that they were 101-year-old Rui La. At that time, the old man asked again, did you have Mrs. Mark Hong? Merkel had to play the ability of dual speech. First he used the use of the text in German to continually explain that he was a German officeholder. Watching the old woman looks empty, Mark Hong wants everyone to worry.

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