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Bitcoin crashed! Market value dropped below 100 billion US dollars, the biggest drop in 13 months ETtodai Finance | ETtodai Nevs Cloud

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▲ Bitcoin recently received praise for "stability". (Photo / Reporter He Iuzhong)

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Recently, a bitkoin bought that was praised as "stable", but since it was sold on Wednesday,It has fallen again to $ 100 billion this day (15), the lowest point since October 2017.

According to CNBC data, the Coinmarketcap.com market value is $ 97.554 billion (about $ 3.03 trillion) from 11:50 am in Hong Kong / 11:50 am in Singapore.

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▲ The total market value of the virtual currency is worth $ 15 billion in 24 hours on Wednesday. (Photo / Reuters)

At the same time, Ripple (KSRP) and Ether (Eter) also fell into the heat of fire. From 12:52 in Hong Kong / 11:52 AM EDT on Wednesday, the market value of Ripcoa was 183.38 billion dollars (about 5704). NT 100 million, and Ethereum was $ 14.143 billion (about NT $ 439.9 billion).

According to Coindesk, the market value of Ripcoco is over 18.05 billion dollars, and the market value of Ethereum is 17.81 billion dollars, which may be because the market value of the two currencies is so close because the historical market value of the majority Virtual currencies tend to understand.

According to CoinMarketCap.com, the total market value of the virtual currency has evaporated for 15 billion US dollars (about 463.98 billion Taiwan dollars) for 24 hours on Wednesday, from 12:54 pm in Hong Kong / 11:54 am on Wednesday, in Singapore, the price has reached 1813.38 Millions of dollars have fallen by more than 76% compared to high levels earlier this year.

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