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"Breaking Mith" is allergic to eggs, and can still be used for the flu vaccine Pediatric Allergy | Pediatrics | Health new knowledge


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Chen Murong

Over the years, when flu is recorded every year, there are many problems with egg allergies:

"My child did not eat eggs, can he get a flu vaccine?" —> can

"My child has only 6 months. Do you want to eat eggs before you get flu?" —> No need

"My child is allergic to eggs, can I get a flu?" —> can

"My child's blood test report is allergic to eggs, can you get the flu?" —> Maybe

"A kid's kidney is allergic to eggs. Can a child get a flu vaccine?" —> can

Why? Every year when I get a flu, all children who are allergic to eggs in Taiwan will suddenly appear.

Yesterday, your child is clearly a dish of roasted rice. Did you tell me your child is allergic to eggs? The child's flu is shot, what is the shame of the child, not to mention 爹 Ming Ming yesterday eat egg fried rice yesterday, everything is fine. Everybody thinks about it. Has anyone told you that my child is allergic to eggs, and what happened when the flu vaccine was launched? In the impression of a citron doctor, very little, almost no.

Due to so many problems with egg allergy, doctors Yuzu always remembered the first article of Veijia written in this life, written in 2006, "Poor egg allergy can still be influenza!" I used this article to present an allergy to the flu vaccine so far " , but now from this article, the citric doctor must correct this: "All people who have egg allergies can use the flu vaccine! "

3 situational assessments can be used for the influenza vaccine

People who are allergic to eggs use an influenza vaccine. The CDC USA has provided some suggestions during the flu season from last year to last year. If you have too much time for Mom and Dad, see the original link.

1. If you have been taking urticaria for eating eggs, you can get a flu.

2. If you have ever had more serious reactions to urticaria due to eating eggs, such as angioedema, respiratory distress, wrapping, repetitive emesis, and even some people eating eggs. After that, it is so serious that you must use epinephrine for first aid or other first-aid kit. You can also use an influenza vaccine, but be sure to use it in a hospital with a doctor who has a serious allergy experience.

3. If you have had a severe allergic reaction when you have a flu, do not take the flu.

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