Sunday , March 7 2021

Butao group brings together 1 person to isolate 967 people, most of history-UDN United News Network

  1. One more person from the Butao group gathers 967 people in isolationUDN United News Network
  2. I saw two young people fleeing Wuhan with a fever and went to Putao to make Chen Shizhong’s projection sighing: hand in hand to overcome the difficultiesNew hood
  3. Peach doctors put together 13 diagnoses! 967 people in quarantine at home, “most since the epidemic”Sanli News Network
  4. The peach epidemic has re-expanded! 90-year-old hospitalized patient, case 881 and 1 daughter diagnosedudn OOPS! News
  5. News “Butao Hospital Continues to Expand! Chen Shizhong Explanation at 2 p.m. | LifeNew hood
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