Sunday , May 22 2022

Chen Mingtong: The CCP intervenes in the elections. Taiwanese people are ugly | Central News Agency | NOVnevs Today's News


Central News Agency / NOVnevs
Central News Agency / NOVnevs

(Reporter of Chen Junhua Central News Agency, Taipei, 19.) Elections in 9 places in 1 are close. Chen Mingtong, chairman of the Council for Continental Affairs, said today in the legislative south that the CCP will intervene in democratic countries in various ways. In the past, it has also affected Taiwan's military and critical criticism. In the Taiwanese elections, the Taiwanese people are very upset with this.

When Chair of the Association of American President Taian Mo Jian talked about Taiwanese elections in a media interview in Taipei, he said: "It is clear that in Taiwan there are external forces that try to change public opinion and convey false information." AIT set Mo Jian's interviewed news on Facebook fan page.

Liu Shifang, a member of the legislative body of the Democratic Progressive Party, raised a question in the Legislative Committee of Juan's Affairs Committee that his own position on the US Taiwanese federation on Facebook expresses his views on relations with Taiwan and the United States, while the exclusive Mo Jian interview was filmed with TV stations, insisting that there were external forces were mixed.

Chen Mingtong said in a survey that CCP intervention in democratic countries in various ways has become a widely recognized and recognized fact in the international community. The CCP used the opportunity to create problems before the election in Taiwan. In the past, it used military exercises against Taiwan and critical words to interfere. The Taiwanese people are very upset with this.

Chen Mingtong said that the news coverage of individual media can be publicly commented, and MAC does not comment, but Moi Jian's interview with AIT is published on the site, and all spheres of life can search for themselves, thanks to the United States for taking care of this incident. (Editor: Iang Kaikiang) 1071119

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