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Epic acquires developer “Jelly Bean Man”; game sales exceed 10 million | TechNews Technology News

Epic Games announced on the 3rd that it had officially acquired Mediatonic, the developer of “Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout.” Purchase amount not yet announced.

Mediatonic also issued a statement stating that the important reason for choosing Epic is that both parties have the same goals in game production and content production, and that Epic executives have been actively in contact with “Jelly Bean “and the working group.

▲ Epic executives tweeted after last year’s release praised the “Jelly Bean” development team.

This cooperation will not affect Mediatonic’s established game development path. The game will be released on Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch as planned this summer.

The announcement indicated that Epic would add more technical and content support to the computer. “Jelly Bean” will add more link and cooperation with Epic IP-related products in the future. The game system and gameplay will also be updated in the future with superior content. Upper limit.

▲ Announcement on the impact of the acquisition on the game.

Mediatonic’s “Jelly Bean” is a real battle game, which was released on PC and PS4 in August last year. The popularity of the game allowed the development team to expand from 35 to 150 in half a year.

According to statistics, when the popularity of “Jumbo Man” was at its peak, the number of simultaneous online users reached 160,000, the number of viewers of the live broadcast platform reached 710,000 times and sales overall totals exceeded 10 million. The game will also be updated for the fourth season in the near future.

▲ Number of people online.

▲ Fourth season theme.

It was reported that Mediatonic and Epic began cooperation on the anti-cheating system last year. Overseas gaming investors predict that the main reason for the acquisition is that “Jelly Bean’s” multi-IP linking feature is in line with Epic’s strategy. By linking various IP addresses to games like “Fortress Hero”, the brand’s influence and influence will be further expanded.

Mediatonic can also get more technical support in the development and cross-platform compatibility of the “Jelly Bean” mobile game.

(This article is republished with permission from GameGrape; the source of the first image: Epic)

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