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Good leptin control helps reduce weight and prevent maximum three. The key to medical guidance 2: not as many as possible | Metabolism | What department to watch out for

Good leptin control helps reduce weight and prevent maximum three. The key to medical guidance: not as many as possible.

People who pay attention to body shape and lose weight are no strangers to the hormone “Leptin”. Many studies believe that it is very beneficial for weight control. Many people will do everything possible to increase it, but this hormone is called Leptin., But not as many as possible. Dr. Wang Desheng, deputy director of the Holistic Health Clinic, noted that a moderate concentration of leptin helps to lose weight, but that too much leptin is not beneficial for weight loss. It is recommended that the public be able to promote and maintain on a daily basis, but avoid excessive persecution.

Good control of leptin not only helps to lose weight, but also helps prevent the maximum three and promote health.

Leptin is not as much as possible! Medical: Secretion and maintenance are the key points. Figure / 123RF

Dr. Wang Desheng said that leptin, also known as leptin, is a hormone that can be secreted by the human body and is secreted by the brain to determine if it needs to accumulate fat and other factors. After stimulating the hypothalamus, it can increase satiety, reduce appetite, boost muscle metabolism and burn fat, so it can achieve the goal of losing weight.

In addition to weight loss and weight control, many studies have also found that normal leptin concentration can help stabilize blood sugar, metabolize blood lipids, control blood pressure, and help to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as maximal three, myocardial infarction and stroke. In fact, there are many benefits to human health, not just in weight loss.

Leptin is not as much as possible! Medicine: secretion and maintenance are the key points

It is worth noting that more leptin is not better, as many studies have shown that the concentration of leptin in obese people is much higher than in normal people.

Dr. Wang Desheng explained that leptin is secreted mainly from the white fat cells of the human body. Others include gastrointestinal epithelial cells and placental tissues. While it helps you lose weight, leptin is similar to insulin. Leptin concentration increases Impedance is found to be relatively improved. If the general public only tries to promote secretion through a large number of foods, health products, etc., it may be effective at first, but it will gradually fail over time. Obese people with too much fat secrete more or even too much leptin, but resistance also increases with concentration. Therefore, the positive effects of leptin are rarely seen in obese people.

Dr. Wang Desheng said the key to health is not leptin concentration, but tolerance, sensitivity, secretion and maintenance of the body. The term leptin often leads to the misunderstanding of “the thinner you get” and there may be other more neutral options for the denomination. Because it is a hormone discovered in modern times, it is called leptin because it has been found in studies related to obesity. However, as mentioned above, many studies have found that leptin is no better. It is reasonable to speculate that The main effect of the vegetarian on the human body is not weight loss, weight loss, etc., but it has other effects, but only affects the shape of the body.

4 strokes to maintain and secrete leptin, while sleeping while thinning can also avoid three maximums.

Increasing properly and maintaining leptin concentration will help you lose weight and maintain good health. Dr. Wang Desheng recommends starting with secretion and maintenance. For leptin secretion, the most important key is sleep. The time when the secretion concentration is highest is usually between 00: 00-03: 00. Therefore, going into deep sleep during this time is the main key to secreting leptin. long-term training. Conversely, people who stay up late and have abnormal work and rest will have an impact, so obesity is common and smoking, alcoholism, etc. can also be affected.

When it comes to maintaining a certain concentration, because leptin is made up of 167 amino acids, high-quality protein foods rich in amino acids, such as eggs and milk, help increase leptin concentration and maintain sensitivity and tolerance. Bitter gourd contains a component called Qingzhisu, which can reduce the impedance of leptin. They are good options.

In addition, Dr. Wang Desheng also recalled that not only leptin, but many people will supplement all kinds of hormones through healthy foods and nutritional products. Regardless of hormones, they should first discuss with doctors, pharmacists and other experts and then supplement them. Do not overdose, no hormonal supplement is too much, not only does it not help health, but can cause adverse effects. In addition, you should also pay attention to the source of the product and the relevant certification mark and avoid getting unknown channels and channels to avoid money and health injuries.

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