Sunday , September 26 2021

Hong Lin, a veteran actor of “Joking Taiwan”, died of a heart attack at age 78 | Movie | Hush! Star news

Hong Lin, a veteran artist who has performed “Taiwan” and “Taiwan’s Strange Case,” has died. He just celebrated his birthday in June of this year. Friends of the circle confirmed that he had died on the 29th. He died of a myocardial infarction and enjoyed his life for 78 years.

Senior animator Xia Wei wrote on his face tonight: “Brother Hong Lin, we only ate together a few months ago and I heard you talking and laughing. Suddenly I received the bad news yesterday. I really can’t believe it. .Thank you for your attention over the years and I wish you a good trip, Amitabha “.

Hong Lin only starred in the film “Burning! Ogi Sang” in 2020. The film was also selected as the opening film of “The Journey of Light-Hsinchu City Hundred Years Image Art Festival”. He has participated in many television series and film performances in his lifetime. He appears as a comedian. After the news of his sudden death, including Liu Meiling,Liu Shangqian, Chi Qiumei and others expressed their condolences.

Veteran artist Hong Lin died suddenly. Facebook Image / Excerpt
Veteran artist Hong Lin died suddenly. Facebook Image / Excerpt

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