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Melancholy, psychological problems not only look at the brain, but also look at the stomach. The scientific journal "Nature" has published articles on the influence of the intestines in the brain in recent years, and has pointed out that brain symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, emotional disorders, stress and autism, are related to "intestinal regulation "and the depth. Affected by diet.

According to the report, scientists discovered that good intestinal bacteria regulate the brain in five ways:

1 helps the production of substances of nervous conduction in the brain, which is a natural tranquilizer.

2 reduce oxidative stress and protect nerve cells from the brain.

3 dictated intestinal, a large number of nervous transmitting substances that can relax and help you sleep.

4 Maintain the intestinal barrier, prevent the removal of mucous membranes and bacterial intestinal toxins interfere with the brain.

5 Exercise a healthy immune system to prevent excessive inflammation of the brain.

When intestinal bacteria are dysfunctional, these mechanisms of protection that the intestine will give to the brain will disappear, causing disorders of the neurotransmitters, excessive oxidative stress and excessive inflammation of the brain, causing many brain diseases.

"The stomach is the second brain." While you are worried about bowels and intestinal bacteria in the interior, the brain will think more clearly and improve the prevalence of physical and mental illnesses, such as bowel movements, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. People with a lot of pressure and pressure can also improve their fatigue and improve their brain power. There are five ways to maintain good intestinal tract.

1 Increase dietary fiber intake, such as fruits and vegetables.

2 eat less high sugar

3 reduce fats and animal oils.

4 Avoid contact with chemical additives or environmental contaminants.

5 Eat more foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt without sugar, kimchi, smelly tofu, etc., or directly add probiotics.

(Extracted from "End of brain fatigue! The autocurador method effectively of the three forces of Taiwan doctor's university" / Zhang Liren / Business Weekly)

(China News Times)

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