Monday , May 16 2022

Jay Chou is angry! Demanding Chinese companies “9 hearings in 4 months”, the network is, on the one hand, until the end of the udn!


  1. Jay Chou is angry! Chinese companies in demand “9 hearings in 4 months”udn silence! star news
  2. Jay Chou sues the medical beauty company! 9 hearings in 4 monthsYahoo Hong Kong News
  3. Jay Chou told several mainland companies that “9 courts were held in 4 months.”Today Starlight Cloud
  4. Jay Chou told China Medical Beauty that the reason for “9 court sessions in 4 months” was exposed.Minshi FTVn news network
  5. Jay Chou told many Chinese companies! “Nine tests in 4 months” The network supports one side Entertainment Star NewsSanli News Network
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