Friday , August 12 2022

Last year's Spring Festival, it is expected that the deadline for posting results will be postponed | Central News Agency | NOVnevs Todai Nevs


Central Finance / NOVnevs
Central Finance / NOVnevs

(Reporter of the Central News Agency Tian Iubin, Taipei, 13.) The lunar New Year's Spring Festival will take place on February 5, but the vacation will be released from February 2 to February 10, almost covering the period of publication of the company's published income from the cabinet from January. It was announced that under certain conditions, the monthly period of income reporting will be extended.

FSC today announced that it will review the "Special Volume of Applications for Public Reporting on Financial Statements and Operational Situations of Public Enterprises", which clearly states that, in the event of an uninterrupted vacation or other circumstances and not announcing the performance of the monthly work according to the plan, the competent authority may announce the Extension Deadline to post ads, if there is any earthquake, flood or other force factor, you can contact the competent authority to extend the monthly report.

FSC announced that the next annual Lunar New Year will be the first consecutive holiday for the implementation of new regulations, since the Spring Festival next year will last 9 days, and the volume covers most of January's advertising period, the public offer company has only one more month left. The Taiwanese Stock Exchange will be asked to understand the company's needs, and then the announcement will be extended for a long time, and it is currently expected that the deadline will be extended by February 15th.

FSC emphasized that it will be the first time in the history of the company that will cover most of the revenue from the Spring Festival next year, and this year the relevant laws and regulations will be changed. (Editor: Zhang Junii) 1071113

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