Wednesday , August 4 2021

Leave a note “Life is too hard” Uganda’s Olympic athletes escape and lose contact with the Shinkansen-udn OOPS!

  1. Leave a note “Life is too hard” Ugandan Olympic athletes flee Shinkansen and lose contactudn OOPS! News
  2. Take advantage of the Olympics to jump in! Ugandan players escape the Shinkansen and leave a note: life is too hard to stay in JapanYahoo News
  3. The message of the missing player of the Uganda Olympics is exposed: I want to work in JapanLiberty Times e-newsletter
  4. Dongao missing 20-year-old Ugandan contestant “grabs Shinkansen” escapes and leaves a note: I want to stay in Japan to workToday’s news cloud
  5. Ugandan athlete missing at Tokyo Olympics, official looking for whereabouts of missing athlete | Apple News | Apple DailyTaiwan Apple Daily
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