Thursday , August 11 2022

Line Friends fans stay full, Xiaomi 9 SE Xiongda limited edition out of the box to play!


The Xiaomi 9 SE is a new machine that starts with Xiaomi 9. Compared with the flagship, this Snapdragon 712 processor and the 6GB + 128 GB mobile phone screen is 5.97 吋. Under the full screen design of the waterfall, the size of the Xiaomi 9 SE can be grasped with one hand and, with the beautiful Xiong Da icon, is added. Add a lovely feeling: Xiaomi chose a purple body for this limited edition, so it still retains a simple taste. To hide water droplets, they used the features of the AMOLED screen. The wallpaper of the default system is based on black and has a bearish and sari pattern that echoes the purple body.

In addition to the appearance of a big bear, the "heart" of Xiaomi 9 SE is also a great bear. The pre-loaded mobile phone is the exclusive theme of Line Friends, the own assistant of IA Xiaomi Xiao Ai and the most exclusive content of Xiong Da, you just have to ask the question (such as "Do you have the great thing that you are sleeping?"), Bring Great will be depleted and responded with the action (when did you hear the bear in your mouth open?) And even dancing.

In the limited edition, the dress is not only the millet with 9 SE themes, but also a series of game accessories, including mobile energy, protective covers, stickers and collection certificates. Among them, the 10,000 mAh power supply of Xiongda 2 can be sold at a price of 99 RMB. If you can not buy this limited edition of 5,000 sets of special edition phones, you can consider this mobile feed source.

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