Saturday , April 17 2021

"Luo Zhiqiang's" water tight underwater tunnel "voted 90% to support the villagers: Facebook is warm and super sad – ETtoday News Cloud

Luo Zhiqiang's "underwater tunnel through narrow" voted 90% to support the villagers: Facebook is warm and super sad. ETtoday News Cloud

▲ Schematic diagram of the submarine tunnel of the Taiwan Straits. (Photo / Google Map Review) Reporter Lin Yanchen / Complete report on the unilateral proposal of the Chinese continent to build a submarine tunnel from Pingtan in Hsinchu, Fujian province. The former general secretary of the presidency Luo Zhiqiang initiated the construction of a submarine tunnel through the narrow on Facebook. Is the high-speed rail, good or bad for Taiwan? "90% of people think it's a good thing. The South China Morning Post reported that mainland China has decided to build a 135-kilometer submarine tunnel that unites Pingtan County in Fujian province and the city of Hsinchu in the port city of Taiwan in the year 2023 and plans to build a high speed train with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour to the submarine tunnel. The passing railroad. Luo Zhiqiang, former general secretary of the presidential palace, also He launched a vote on Facebook to request opinions from Internet users. 90% of Internet users think that "building a submarine tunnel through the narrow" is a good thing. Netizen said on Facebook Luo Zhiqiang: "For Of course it's good and the continent wants to pay. "In the news, the continent is willing to pay, Taiwanese should be welcome. After all, the current economic crisis and poor taxation? "" Of course, it's good, because the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party can no longer deceive people with malicious faults. "" Of course, it's a good thing! It is more convenient to travel to the continent and travel to the public "" Of course, it is good. Without the continental economy, Taiwan will be even worse. "" Welcome, people will live happily, safely and compromise. "What Taiwan is not interesting." ▲ Luo Zhiqiang initiated a submarine tunnel vote at the crossroads on Facebook. (Image / Reversal of Facebook by Luo Zhiqiang) But PTT villagers were not in agreement with the result of this vote. "It would be odd that I go to 80% of the leader of Xiaoqiang." There is true credibility in voting. "The bridge of Qiongzhou Cross-sea has no shadow and wants to build a Taiwan tunnel between Taiwan and Taiwan. Will it be so much fun?" "The war in Taiwan, battles and air battles are rolling and fighting directly."

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