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Players develop conversations about Owen's experience: E-Sports can be eaten Huashi Nevs

Iu Pinjie

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Owen Ven, Lightning Volf brand manager, is invited to deliver a speech at Ming Chuan University 19. 19. The e-sport industry has launched a trend in the younger generation, but many people are still wondering whether e-sports can be eaten. In that sense , Owen said that the Korean e-sports player Faker The annual salary is 3 billion won, about NT 130 million dollars.

He mentioned that if you want to become an e-sport practitioner, you have a number of procedures. First you have to stand out among many players and become top players. After waiting for the e-sport team to bat, then enter the company as a trainee and train students. The Law on Vacation and Rest, living in the centralized management of an e-sports company, strikes at 10 am in the morning, rests at 12 noon until 1.30 pm, and then continue to practice the game, and the table is scheduled to work at 8 am in the evening hours, but generally until evening At 10 am, during the competition, the training time is postponed until 1:00 in the morning.

After a training period, he became a reserve player, and at this stage there is still no chance for the game. He can only play some games in practice and can progress as a formal player. Owen said that the official player does not mean that a player who started the start has to wait for a free place in the team and to play well in case he has the opportunity to become a player who starts, this process is the longest player in the career of the player.

Owen is invited to teach at Ming Chuan University on September 19th

Personality traits are also an important part of the entry into the e-sport industry, and Owen said enthusiasm, hard work, talent and psychological quality are necessary, and when playing games, it becomes a pressure, and once the goal has to be adjusted, it needs to be adjusted. Psychological condition is very important in relation to pressure, it must have enthusiasm for spillage and pay tens of thousands of efforts.

When faced with the bitterness of the game, Owen said that many players would choose the same type of game to make a conversion, but also consider that they are a coach or a logistics player. The experience of the player has made them more aware of those who need it on the Internet.

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