Wednesday , August 4 2021

Sinosteel opened a flat price in February and did not raise prices: small shareholders approve profits downward, but sacrifice millions of equity.

Sinosteel’s small shareholders filed a complaint with Apple News. They were unhappy with Sinosteel’s continued monthly opening of domestic sales from July to August. Regardless of equity, steel prices were clearly bullish, but not rising, which significantly reduced Sinosteel’s millions of shareholders. equity.

This minority shareholder said he was very angry and the steel price situation was clearly good. Still, Sinosteel used the pretext of taking care of the middle and lower part of the industry. From late last year to the first half of the year, the domestic market price rose slowly. In July this year, the market price opened flat. The monthly price will open again, and what will open after September this year?

He wondered how he could believe that Sinosteel would protect the rights and interests of the company and shareholders? China’s PPI (producer price index) reached 9% in May this year and 8.8% in June. Inflation is not unique to Taiwan. It is the most common inflation problem in the world. Sinosteel allowed steel prices to rise slowly in the first half of These services have already provided great comfort to Taiwan’s middle and lower railways and the electrical machinery industry. Unexpectedly, the continued opening of flat prices is now too much?

Minority shareholders noted that, after all, Sinosteel’s purpose is to seek the rights and interests of shareholders. This is an unalterable truth. Sinosteel’s pricing behavior has clearly violated the company’s spirit of caring for shareholders. Someone on the Internet said that Sinosteel has been a shareholder in Sinosteel for more than 10 years., The shares have been blocked for more than 10 years and are still on hand. This year, the profits and price of Sinosteel shares have finally had a chance to be proud, but it will give the profits to the average and later players in vain. How can Yu Xin endure it?

Sinosteel said that July of the third quarter of the lunar calendar is the traditional off-season steel and that there is still a shortage of labor. Taiwan accounts for between 60 and 70% of steel processing exports. Therefore, you need to consider the competitiveness of medium and Southeast Asian companies include Malaysia. The new crown epidemic in Indonesia and other countries is still a bit serious, so the market price is geared towards stabilizing prices.

The director of Sinosteel said that he heard the voices of minority shareholders and that the fourth quarter of the end of the year is the high season of steel, there are still opportunities to raise prices, which does not mean that there are no benefits. . (Lin Qiaoyan / Taipei Report)

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