Saturday , May 8 2021

[Taroko va descarrilar]Press the Zhuang surname military police for 4 days"Section 6 Car"Upload this morning @ 中天 新闻 20210406-Zhongtian News

  1. [Taroko va descarrilar]Zhuang surname military police were suppressed for 4 days. The “sixth carriage” deformed and came out this morning @ 中天 新闻 20210406Zhongtian News
  2. Taiwan Railways intends to install an academic slope detection system: in line with the trend, but requires funding and manpowerUDN United News Network
  3. [Taroko descarrilat]Rescue without damage. Constable Zhuang was trapped in the sixth car, police disappeared in the 4th car to see him @ 东森新闻 CH51Dongsen CH51 News
  4. The number of deaths “Final Edition” 50 people, 2 corpses and other familiesLiberty Times e-newsletter
  5. [Taroko descarrilat]The female military police boarded the Taroko and died and moved the Tainan police car to pave the way @ 中天 新闻 20210405Zhongtian News
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