Wednesday , March 3 2021

“The Eastern Olympics are ruined!” British media broke the Japanese government has given up accommodation to change the 2032-UDN United News Network

  1. “Eastern Olympics are ruined,” broke the British media that the Japanese government had given up hosting to change in 2032UDN United News Network
  2. President of the International Olympics: The Eastern Olympics have no plan B and denies its intention to cancel or postponeYahoo Sports
  3. [Pneumònia de Wuhan]British media: Japanese government privately admits Tokyo Olympics will cancel bid for 2032 host | Apple NewsTaiwan Apple Daily
  4. “Olympic Games” The Eastern Olympics may be fought behind closed doors because of the “epidemic.” IOC President: Never cancel or postponeLiberty Times e-newsletter
  5. The British media quoted the news that the Japanese government had privately concluded that the Tokyo Olympics would be canceledYahoo Hong Kong News
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