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The veteran GPS manufacturer Changtian Technology announced that it will have staff due to losses and unpaid wages. TechNews Technology News


Recently, under the impact of the great environmental economic situation, the impact of the commercial war between the US and China and the addition of more uncertain factors, in recent days, as well as solar power stations, renewable energies and Green energy passed successively to layoffs and settlements. In addition to the news, veteran satellite positioning system (GPS) operator Changtian Technology also announced on the evening of the 16th that it is expected that all employees of the company are fired due to of the contraction of the company caused by the loss of the company.

According to the announcement of Changtian Science and Technology, due to loss and business austerity, the company has delayed and has not paid its salaries for more than two months. To protect labor rights, the company has submitted to the competent authorities a significant amount in accordance with the law of July 11, 108 of the Republic of China. Application and exit of the cessation plan. The company has set the employee's notice on July 16, 2008. The announcement also indicated that the company will give the notification period according to the law and will delay the date of termination of the employment contract (estimated one month later) based on the employee's age range to facilitate job search. In the future, the company will hire employees to return to work or hire new employees after the funds are sufficient.

Founded in 1994, Changtian Technology, which was officially released in 2006, is a veteran satellite positioning system operator in China. It has sold products to the market under the brand name of HOLUX. Its main products include car navigation systems, driving recorders, sports GPS, satellite receivers / recorders, satellite positioning followers and satellite receiver modules. Although Changtian has had good sales results in the market in the past, with the rise of smartphones with a built-in GPS system, products oriented to satellite positioning have quickly lost their market and have brought the operation in Changtian technology. The pressure on him Changtian has always sought the path of transformation. However, if the development and sales of other products were not successful, the operation deteriorated, the losses continued and, finally, all employees were dissolved.

In addition, Changtian Technology has suspended its negotiation with the purchasing center of accountants since January 21, 2019 due to a significant lack of internal control in the company. And so far, Changtian Technology has not yet announced to the FSC the announcement of the content of the financial report for 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. With regard to compensation and compensation for the cessation of personnel hired by the # company, the announcement of Changtian Technology does not explain how it will be published again in the future.

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