Monday , September 26 2022

Tourism Bureau i-Center evaluation of the quality of travel services Jiashi wins special awards Taiwan good news


The best tourist service of the Chiaii Citi Government Tourist Service Center has won the best

The winners announced the Center for Improving the Quality of Service for the i-Center 2017 service organized by the Tourist Office of the Ministry of Communications, and the Government of Chiai received a special offer. Representative of the Tourist Administration Service of the Tourist Information Office, Huang Shuiun, has accepted the Ministry of Communications. Zhang Ksicong, deputy director of the bureau, and raccoon awards are praised.

Zhang Ksicong, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, said that, in response to an increasing number of international free passengers, more important is the work of the centers for tourist service activities of district and city traffic nodes. The warmth and care of service personnel is the best national diplomacy, enough to re-attract tourists. During the visit to Taiwan, the Chiaii government received the preferential status of a group that is not a municipality among the 13 winners, and Huang Xuqin, Director of the Tourism Information Department, thanked with great gratitude that in the first half of this year, the number of free passengers increased 440,000, and 400,000 passengers in the group are free. Permanent passenger growth also promoted the sustainable development of the tourism industry in Chiai Citi. This time, the Travel Center recognized it as excellent and excellent, which shows that the quality of the first tourist and tourist offer in Chiaii Citi has a good reputation and I hope that all operators will also be able to promote together and stay with the inhabitants. The heart promotes frequent traveler visits.

In addition to being familiar with all kinds of tourist information, Chiaii Tourist Service Center staff members must also have a linguistic ability to serve international travelers for dealing with incurable diseases. The continuing duty of the volunteer leader is even more important. During the tourist season of the spring festival, summer vacation or uninterrupted vacation, domestic and foreign tourists coming to the Travel Service Center for consultations are often long ranks, relying on service staff and volunteers for a patient and careful leadership.

From January to October 107, the Chiaii Tourist Service Center has served nearly 5,000 passengers in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. At the end of June this year he received a letter from the Ministry of Tourism. Thank you for the letter, I'm sure that you can be informed about the effect of duty staff on the same day, special excellent and so on.

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