Sunday , February 28 2021

Xiaoying passed the Taiwanese label of 85 degrees C once the market price evaporated 4 billion – Mirror Weekly

Xiaoying passed the Taiwanese label of 85 degrees C once the market limit evaporated 4,000 million Mirror Weekly

The restaurant with a brand of 85 degrees C, because the president of Tsai Ing-wen bought coffee in the United States and was labeled as an independent Taiwan company by Chinese netizens, so a statement was issued urgently on the official website of the continent to support the consensus of 1992, but this movement raged in Taiwan. Netizens, the stock price immediately fell after today's market opening, up to the limit of up to 246.5 yuan, but fortunately the current decline has converged. President Tsai Ing-wen recently visited the country of diplomatic relations for the "trip to Gongqing" and traveled to the United States from 12 to 13 in the American West. When his team passed the 85-degree coffee shop in Los Angeles, Tsai Ing-wen and the group's legislators left the car to buy coffee. After that, he took out the pet's cushion and signed it with President Cai. I did not expect the photo to be distributed on the Internet, and alleged that 85 degrees C were ordered especially for the assassination of President Cai, causing the dissatisfaction of Internet users, pointing at 85 degrees C as a independent company of Taiwan. , threatened to boycott, refused to buy. Because revenue of 85 degrees C in China is not low, in the first half of the financial report, more than 60%, the number of stores is almost 600 stores, which is why it is particularly sensitive to Behavior of continental Internet users who threatened to boycott. Peace, the stand firmly supporting the "1992 Consensus" has never changed. We continue to uphold the belief that "the family of the narrow" to provide high quality products and services to consumers in the Straits of Taiwan. However, it seems difficult for internet users to remain angry. It is rumored that 85 degrees C have been removed from websites such as the land clearing platform. On several platforms, the APP was unable to fetch 85 degree C or information related to comments, in addition, Fujian The 85 degree C of the city of Quanzhou in the province was also subjected to a surprising inspection in the reasons for the Fall Media Festival and the routine inspection "11" of double routine security yesterday. The 85 degree C storm continued burning, which also caused doubts in the market. In addition, the 85-degree C published a press release on the main website of the peninsula to support the 1992 consensus, which also infuriated Taiwanese netizens, so the price of food-KY fell immediately after L & # Opening of the market. .

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