Sunday , May 16 2021

10 families of the Ubonratchathani family are the keys to the treatment of diabetes

Bangkok – November 15 – Office for Disease Prevention and Control 10 Ubon Ratchathani

Dr. Danai Chienkul, Director, Office of Disease Prevention and Control 10 Ubon Ratchathani Province (SR10) states that the International Federation of Diabetes is scheduled for November 14 each year. World Diabetes Day and campaign milestone in 2018 are "Family and Diabetes: because families are crucial for the treatment of diabetes", because diabetes is very much related to the family. Family members must have knowledge of diabetes. This is an important part of helping the diabetic family members to defend themselves better. And change the lifestyle of a family. Good results for patients and other family members.

The main factor causing diabetes mellitus in addition to genetics. Eating habits include consuming saturated fats. Food that is sweet of sugar. Eat too much white rice. The risk of diabetes increases. And if diabetics can not control the level of blood sugar. This leads to complications with various organs. Important Diabetic Retinopathy This is the main cause of loss of vision. Chronic kidney deficiency Complications for paving The incidence of diabetic patients in the foot ulcers Cardiovascular complications

Health promotion does not have too much weight. Living with the main "3 A. 2", the first choice of food, not sweet, less salty, eat less. 2 – exercise about 50-60 minutes at least 3 days a week or 150 minutes a week. 3 – emotional stress, stress management, proper mental peace for meditation first. – Do not smoke and avoid smoke S2 ​​- Abstain from alcohol and slow down and slow down. Or prevention of complications.

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