Sunday , May 16 2021

& # 39; Bote & # 39; signifies boredom, conflict Why is it? & # 39; Civil Force & # 39;

"I do not know what to do." Group discussion "Politics without conflict", pointing to a silent politician Why do you want to be a member? People are protesting. Highlight the same party. It's a mess. Why is it so important?

61st November, 61st, the President of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, dr. Savat Suttipitak presided over the Seminar "Politically Unstable Thai Politics" and listen. "Dream Thailand" and answer questions that the new generation wants to know. One of the questions that students have to answer is that they do not want to hold a meeting. Because of political opinion. I want to see a free country. Reduce Inequality An unemployment study affects the quality of life.

That's a good thing. And everyone has to live together. Development will be possible if political stability. The economy continues. Incorrectness in the process of justice. It is always said that the prison must keep the poor. The government has a real fund for this. Help people who are closed to pay their bills.

Reporter. One student asked the reason for accessing PPP. And the majority does not want to come to politics. But when it comes to the hope that we will find a way out. Because the conflict is boring. I am very upset with political demonstrations. The party decided to enter the People's Party. If you go to the same political party. It will be a controversial rivalry. So PPP is the answer.

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