Friday , March 5 2021

Alaverdi warned Kappitan Dee that it was good, too bad, that he came to watch the coup in 5 seconds.

Alaverdi warned Kappitan Dee to be good, so be careful and call in 5 seconds.

“Babyface Killer” Alaverdi Ramazanov, world champion ONE Kickboxing Bantamweight Will defend his title for the first time in ONE: INFREQUIBLE on January 22, with veteran rival “Kappitan Petchyindee Academy” taking the fast track to challenge the belt immediately. After a 6-second night game in the first fight In which the world champion warned Kappitan for better or worse that he would come to watch once in 5 seconds

Alaverdi won this world championship belt after defeating “Muay Thai Boy” Zhang Cheng Long on December 6, 2019, following the coronavirus outbreak forcing him to live in his native Russia all year round. And he has no chance of defending the position

Alaverdi said: “I think the separation from the stage has benefited me. Because now I really want to win. It made me want to go on stage and show my skills to everyone. Since I am world champion I am eager to train harder to keep my belt, which is very important. I will not let anyone separate me. I’ll show you why the belt should be with me. “

Although contender Cappitan made an impressive debut eliminating kickboxing god Petchtanong Diamond Fergus last September, Alaverdi did not panic. On the other hand, it made him even more excited to face a master Because as king of his generation, he would definitely face the toughest test.

Alaverdi said his last fight (Kappitan) ended a little too quickly. He was not very impressed. I think its strength is in the brain. It was hard to guess. And you have very good fighting skills You can control the game. Which I really like this style of wrestling. He has lived many good pits.

“I think he has it all with his IQ, technique and pace, and my strength is his long limbs. His period is shorter than me. Also, I have boxing skills and a strong punch. “

In addition, the 26-year-old world champion, whose hunger I does not allow anyone to take his belt easily. While eagerly awaiting the next fight, if he is able to pass Kappitan, he wants to meet legends like “Nong-O (Kai Yang Five Star)” and “Liam.” Harrison plans to move to a featherweight version if possible.

“As a fighter, I really like this fight because he (Kappitan) is a famous Muay Thai champion in Thailand. I want to test my skill with him. If he’s good, I’ll be fine, I won’t make him fall. But if he doesn’t it’s good too I’ll make him fall in 5 seconds, not in 6! ”said Alaverdi.

Thai fans will be able to cheer on the exciting intensity of this battle on January 22, 64, which will be broadcast live from Singapore’s indoor stadium from 7.30pm. You can follow ONE Super App. , YouTube ONE Championship, AIS Play

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