Thursday , July 7 2022

Amphur Song Phi Nong organizes activities Aedes mosquito eradication campaign | Daily News


Recently, Mr. Wisit Ananworapanya Sheriff Song Phi Nong, Suphan Buri province, together with Mr. Thanee Chatnaparat, mayor of the municipality of the district of Thung Khok, Mr. Worasit Worakitthamrongchai, deputy mayor Municipality of the district of Thung Khok Open the voluntary project: we do the good with a heart. Environmental development Voluntary spirit Remove areas of mosquito breeding, with the pole. General Thanakrit Chanchira, the police station of Thung Khok, Mr. Rhine, the director of the Wat Thung Khok school (Suwan Sathuakit), the district secretary, the two brothers, the chief of the town, the chief of the town's assistant Doctors of the sub-district of Thung Khok Inspector Kamnan Subdistrict, Sub-district of Thung Khok Ban Long Tong Health Promoting Hospital Village Health Volunteer, sub-district of Thung Khok Head of the government office, Song Phi Nong district The Royal Police Commission of Thailand School School Board Faculty of students, the school of Wat Thung Khok (Suwan Sathukit) and volunteers to join the ceremony in the multipurpose building, the Wat Thung Khok (Suwan Sathuit) school, the Thung Khok district, the Song Phi Nong district , Suphan Buri

Mr. Wisit Ananworapanya The two brothers said they went to the Song Phi Nong district. There are many patients with dengue. But there are no dead So, encourage people to check the container regularly so that there is a lid closed Change water frequently in the containers Pretends to get rid of the area of ​​breeding of mosquito larvae To eliminate the area of Reproduction of mosquito larvae every week Including the closure of the water container Water is used to protect mosquitoes from putting eggs. Change the water in the water jug ​​every 7 days to cut larvae that become mosquitoes. And release the guppy fish Or fish eat larvae in the water bath To change the environment to clean regularly The number of striped mosquitoes will decrease. Participating in public relations Campaign campaign to eliminate mosquito larvae breeding zone Includes spray mosquitoes In the market area of ​​Thung Khok I communities in the district of Thung Khok In this sense, along with the head of government Local administrators, officers military, police, brothers, people, volunteers Junque plant the honeycomb tree As a memorial In conservation of the environment And natural resources To be a model for the people

Kanchit Kraohkaew, journalist for news articles online, Suphan Buri province

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