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“Banpu NEXT” carries the electric tuk-tuk “Move Me” to send home people who have recovered from the Covid-19.

“Banpu NEXT” organizes the project “Move Me Volunteer Transport”
Bring electric tuk-tuk “Move Me” to pick up people who have recovered from Covid-19 Free home delivery safely
Continuation of the mission of the Phr-Banpu Mitr Fund to help those affected by the situation of COVID

because we care Wanting everyone to be safe, “Banpu NEXT” joins “UMT” to organize the “Move Me Volunteer Transport” project under the Phr-Banpu Mitr Fund, teaming up to help Thailand fight COVID- 19 carrying electric tuk-tuks “Move Me” (MuvMi) provides services to receive patients with cured COVID-19 take them home safely pilot service to hospitals under Bangkok medical office 3 locations: Central Hospital Hospital Taksin Hospital Charoenkrung Pracharak and others 3 hospital chains of Phayathai-Paolo Medical Campus, specifically Phyathai Hospital 1, Phyathai Hospital 2, Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital

In addition to providing services to pick up patients and take them home safely. continues to provide assistance to those affected Along with the Food For Fighters network, bags of food and survival are delivered to affected communities. and bring home isolation kits to patients being treated at home She also joins the Let’s Be Heroes Foundation to deliver survival bags to distribute aid to communities.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitthitham, senior vice president of electric vehicle business group Banpu Next Co., Ltd., said: “From the EV Car Sharing for Caring project, supporting electric vehicles for medical staff. He used to work at Sanam Busarakham Hospital, Banpu NEX, a subsidiary of Banpu. As a leading provider of smart energy solutions in the Asia-Pacific region (Smart Energy Solutions), we want to continue to help the public. Grouped communities and restaurants affected by COVID-19 because there are currently patients with COVID-19 who have been continuously cured There are also people who suffer who need help in various communities, including patients who need to stay home.

collaborating with Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd. or UMT, a Thai startup that provides the Move Me electric tuk-tuk service. He started the project “Move Me, Volunteer Transport, Caring by Mitr Phol-Banpu Fund”, which provided 20 electric services to share tuk-tuk trips, which is one of the smart solutions. To do two main tasks of this project, the first mission is to bring those who have recovered from the hospital back home at no cost. And the second mission is to deliver 60,000 boxes of food, 4,000 bags of survival, 5,000 boxes of medicines and essential supplies to those affected by COVID-19. It will continue for 2 months is our intention. this wants those who have recovered to return to normal life AND it is encouraging for those who have problems to get deep help and live more safely.

Dr. Kritsada Kritayakirana, managing director of Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd., said, “The company, as the administrator of the electric tuk-tuk service, moves me” which is a 100% clean energy car that saves energy and environmentally friendly We are delighted to be able to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Together with Banpu NEXT through the project ‘Move Me Volunteer Transport’, the company has prepared a service for electric tuk-tuks that can travel up to 100 trips a day to facilitate those who are well, travel safely With measures of distance, accepting 1 passenger for 1 car, there is a clear screen between the driver and the passenger and the driver has been completely vaccinated. with cleaning measures Spraying disinfectant every time after using the service. And in every car there is a spray to wash your hands with alcohol. We believe that if everyone comes together to help each other, we will be able to go through this crisis, which we hope. This project will be another source of support and encouragement for those who have recovered to smile again ”.

For those undergoing COVID-19 treatment at Taksin Central Hospital Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital Phyathai 1 Hospital, Phyathai 2 Hospital and Paolo Phaholyothin Hospital have received medical approval to return home. . If you want to use the electric tuk-tuk, Move Me The MuvMi app can be downloaded for registration. and book the trip one day in advance within 18.00 of the booking date to use the service the next day *. 2. Aree-Pradipat 3. Faholyothin – Ladprao 4. Illa Rattanakosin 5. Nana-Asoke-Phrom Phong 6. Agricultura – Sena Nikhom

Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, Banpu Public Company Limited has been with Thais. Co-founder of the Mitr Phol-Banpu Fund United to help Thailand combat the dangers of COVID-19 to help mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19 this has happened to people from different areas across the country continuously since March of 2020 to the present along with supporting the budget for a subsidiary company like Banpu Nex to carry out this project Give help to Thais during this crisis
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* Delivery rounds from 10:00 to 16:00
* Available for 1 passenger per 1 car, if you need to travel for more than one person must be a member of the same family.
* The distance from the hospital to the accommodation does not exceed 15 kilometers.

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