Monday , May 16 2022

City of Samutprakarn buys 10 million won Additional media "Noppol"


The city of Samutprakarn buys 10 million won

Samut Prakan Citi scored the other Thai side grabbed the "backpack" in 2017 and the Asian Games 2018 with a value of 10 million, with a three-year contract for pooling forces from the conservation of pink Pruek. Day from Ubon UMT.

The midfielder, born in Roi Etu, was born in 1956, after he moved from Philippi FC to Air Force Central Citi with a "short coach". They worked together in the 19-year-old youth team to win the Asian Championship. In Myanmar Can take the "Eagles of Blue" won the cards in the Thai League in 2018, but this year must return to the army. "Dragon Dragon Savings" and becomes the main driving force of the team.

Noppol will train a new Samut Prakan Citi team to wait for the Thai league in 2019 on December 3rd, the start of the club's season.

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