Friday , February 26 2021

Cut the red ghost Pitching the death, chasing Burns Burnley, the first 3 examinations dropped 5 people

Announcing the scores of Manchester United's "Red Devils" players after opening their home, chasing rival Burnley in the final of the English Premier League match …

Foreign news agencies reported on January 30 that players' "Red Devils" announced Manchester United after the opening of Burnley 2-2 in Old Trafford Battle of the English Premier League on Tuesday night

The result showed that the highest score was 3 people, 7 equal points, composed by Paul Pogba, who scored a penalty for 1-2, Viktor DeLove, who scored the goal in injury and J. The Scalin card Reinforcement makes the game of the team better. The 5 tests are composed by Andrea Pereira, Juan Mata, Romelu Lugu, Phil Jones and Marcus Rashford

David de Kea 5

Save the Dwight McNeil shotgun to 1 point. The second goal is too difficult to save.

Viktor Linde Love 7

It is another game that plays well Tactics and a rhythm to play better This game also scored a goal for the team during the period of injury.

Phil Jones 4

It seems very unstable. Not a good position If you want to be a real person, you have to do a lot better.

Ashley still 6

Participate with the second goal, because Chris Wood is not good, but the other party will be punished with the center.

Luke Shaw 6

Pretty prominent in this game To help the team fill the game very often Have the opportunity to shoot a couple of times, considered to be capable of playing alone.

Andrea Spera 2

Get the chance to start as a real person But badly Less mobile, without highlighting and pushing to lose the ball. Until the team lost the first goal

Neemaya Matich 5

There are 2-3 players in the competition, but today, players, competitors, games are very disciplined. It causes the ball to hit the offensive line. But the disadvantage is that allowing the competitor to fall back is too easy

Paul Pogba 7

The most outstanding in the middle of the field It's worth it for the team to reach 1-2 with the opportunity to score many times. Put a beautiful ball long to see

Juan Mata 3

You're trying to create a game to help it But many times There are some opportunities to shine the door. But the shot was not good at all

Marcus Rashford 4

Leaving the golden opportunity in the first half fell to shoot next, but outside This game was hit by Defender Burnley. Until the brutal form is not shown Today, concentrate on automatic shooting and not as a team.

Romelu Lukaku 4

To do nothing too much, it should be better than this as an objective attacker.


Jessie Lin Card 7

Come and make the game more blinky Add options to the Raiders game for the team. Until the rival defender found a tough job and it was a shame for the team to finish in the first goal

Alexis Sánchez 5

Take part in the rhythm of rivalry Given that the clashes were affected by Hyton Safe coming to Linde Love, but the general way was considered normal.

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