Wednesday , March 3 2021

Doctors reveal that the “DJ Bael” cluster detects 24 additional cases

On January 26, Dr. Chao Tang Sannam, the representative of the government service. The director of the Department of Disease Control and Health Emergencies of the Department of Disease Control revealed the severity of COVID-19 which today is the first day that the number of infected people worldwide reaches 100 million in Thailand 959 infected people infected in the country, 937 infected with 22 foreign infections, the cause of the highest figures

Dr. Chao Tasan explained that 844 cases of aggressive infection were detected in Samut Sakhon province and 70 cases of infection in Pang Sakhon, Bangkok, 17, Samut Songkhram, 1 case, Ubon Ratchathani and some other provinces.

Dr. Chao Tasan Also indicates the epidemiological nature of the infected person Data from December 15 last year to January 25, 8,935 cases found that the median age The median or average was 34 years, the youngest had three months, at most 95 years, where the group found the most infected.

Between the ages of 25 and 49, 62% of whom are living groups traveling in and out of the home. As a result, there are elderly people and children affected by this group. When the analysis of infected males was analyzed, it was found that females were 36% more than males. It is similar for both women and men

And when looking at the connection with the outbreak It was found that Samut Sakhon accounted for two-thirds of the new outbreaks at 65%, followed by exposure to patients as relatives or colleagues in the same activity, 10.8%.

As for the progress of DJ Bael’s infection tests compared to the original 19, there are currently 24 more tests. Most hadn’t checked it out from the start. But there was an infection quietly When he followed the body, he found that he was infected.Can’t be clearly identified Whether it was caused by a person’s infection, would it be a unique fact? Because some people may be infected elsewhere, the infection still hides in the body. Most of them found that this beast had 80% asymptomatic 20%

For relaxation measures to prevent infection, Dr. Chao Tongsan concluded that he is currently in the process of assessing the situation. And at the SSC meeting, the details will be announced

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