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Easy to smoke but hard to quit smoking! "Electric cigarettes" make people smoke more, hard to quit smoking "Get more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes"


Easy to smoke but hard to quit smoking! The

June 30, 2019, Professor Stanton Glance, director of the Center for Research and Education on Tobacco Control The University of California, San Francisco, USA spoke to the E-Cigarette Forum: Back to the Future at the 18th National Conference on Health of Tobacco and Tobacco "Tobacco and Pulmonary Health" that the tobacco industry is behind and supports electric cigarettes. When trying to push for the sale of electric cigarettes in Thailand What the government tried to suspend the sale and disagreed: there were many forms of electric cigarettes to invite you to want to smoke But the principle of work is similar to that of the cigarette electric It will have a battery Tank and solution of filling of nicotine And coil of heat to generate heat until the steam What is different from the normal cigarettes that use the light and the heat to produce smoke

Easy to smoke but hard to quit smoking! The

Professor Stanton said he is now worrisome. The tobacco industry is trying to publicize heavily electric cigarettes. Like the United States, there is a publicity of smoke-free electric cigarettes. And launch several campaigns Through the website and social networks Allow people to reach and grow in the market. In addition, the product is of soft nicotine Provoking nicotine dependence more easily In the past, there have been research claims Electrical cigarettes help stop normal cigarettes and 95% safer, which is not true. Because there is no clear academic evidence In addition to conducting research with a cigar company, as in the case of indicating that electric cigarettes provide less toxic substances. Although less than true, but still toxic and long-term reception. it is very dangerous. While comparing the dust caused by electric cigarettes and normal cigarettes, you will find that the electric cigarette has a smaller pulse. Therefore, it absorbs more than ordinary cigarettes in the body, therefore more dangerous. As for the appearance of various diseases It is no different from heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis

Easy to smoke but hard to quit smoking! The
Easy to smoke but hard to quit smoking! The

"Cigarettes and electric cigarettes also cause the heart. Because it causes the expansion of blood vessels to decrease, it causes heart disease. What significantly increases the heart disease rate of electric cigarettes. The more smoke, both cigarettes Electrical like normal cigarettes The risk of heart disease is even greater. The danger to the lungs occurs from the nicotine solution, several flavoring. Including heavy metals caused by heat Therefore, more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes , it was found that electric cigarettes cause a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis is 1.8 times higher than that of normal cigarettes. Cause of oral cancer "

Professor Stanton said that the cigar company produces electric cigarettes by claiming it. It can help get out of ordinary cigarettes. So much the main product. Therefore, it is not a commercial logic. Consistent with the collection of data in American adolescents who found Them Electric cigarettes do not help reduce normal smoking. But it was more difficult to control tobacco consumption What results from the prevalence of electric cigarettes I found that adult who had stopped smoking, but who had 80 adolescents of electric cigarettes because the person who was stuck could not stop smoking But there is a new group of people. It also makes people who have never smoked normal cigarettes. When you smoke electric cigarettes and smoke again

"Electric cigarettes make it harder to control tobacco. It's easier to quit smoking. Extend the outbreak of smoking. And make the air of non-smokers have foreign matter. Proposing that the Thai government still have to allow electric cigarettes They will be illegal And I should educate people to quit smoking and give knowledge that electric cigarettes are more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is more difficult to cause and it causes two types of smoking " Professor Stanton said

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