Tuesday , March 2 2021

Failed to find, FaceTime can intercept the target sound. Even if you have not yet answered the call | DroidSans

Apple After entering the work after the news that an error or vulnerability can be heard in FaceTime, the voice of another person can be heard at the destination without having to press the answer. This made some users worried because they felt unsafe for privacy. Now Apple already knows the problem. He hurried immediately to correct the problem immediately

According to the news report, it was discovered that the error was found in the version iOS 12.1 This was updated at the end of last year by the users of the FaceTime group through the iPhone and iPad, they can hear the sound of the end of the line even though it is not pressed. When testing the problem, you can try FaceTime to find someone through the contact list and press Add person by entering your mobile number. It becomes the creation of a collective call, which allows it to be heard at the end of the call, even if there is still no answer.

Apple resolved the problem temporarily bypassing the FaceTime Group service and speeding up the problem. What it does not specify when it will need to end Only by saying it can be resolved within a week But the best way now It is to stop using FaceTime before Apple resolves the problem.

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