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Get rid of "Sari Ball" because of the possibility of a rising star! 5 important things if Lampard is the new Chelsea coach


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It seems that Chelsea aims to appoint Frank Lampard as a new manager. After having a high probability that Mauricio Sartre would be prepared to say goodbye "Lions Navy Blue" to get a job with the "Zebra" Juventus that reigns this summer.

After informing that the two clubs have agreed to compensate the amount of 7 million pounds (approximately 287 million), of course, as if opening the way to Lampard to control the beloved club. However, working in the Stamford Bridge area is not an easy task for "Lambs", as it has to solve many problems that arose at the time of Sary.

Of course, now the team has lost the best players like Eden Hazard for Real Madrid. But he also found the situation The European Football Federation (UEFA) ordered the ban on the promotion of the army until next summer, so the national champion of England will have to try all the means to help the team play the best of the 2019-2020 season

1. Trust Hudson-O Doi
Cullum Hudson-O Doi Klang Dao Roj must be the best young star player that has grown since John Terry, who has climbed to great heights two decades ago. Pate with injury problems After the curve of the tendon before the end of last season

Get rid of

However, a few months ago, Hudson-Doi had asked to move the team after becoming an objective for the addition of "Bayern del Tigre del Sud" to Bayern Munich, all and that "Indigo Blue Lion" is prepared to present a fantastic offer. For the players But the star of blood Starr, the nobleman, wants to be sure that he has the opportunity to continue in the field.

Therefore, Lampard must demonstrate his confidence in the Hudson-Doi allowing him to play regularly the following season, as he had received from Sari when the previous season. Thus, if the young man reaches a long-term contract, he will undoubtedly stop the chaos of the club. And let the fans get good news

2. Show everyone the "head"
Lampard shows the best ideas of the first season of the kingdoms of Derby County, which shows that it has great potential. But, is that enough? Of course, "Lambs" had to face a tough job at Stamford Bridge, so he had to cut some things.

Get rid of

The legendary "Sing the Blues", 40, does not want or wait for the mercy of Roman Abramovich, a wealthy Russian club owner. With the best way to "Lambs", you have to destroy the idea that he is only a trainer of training teams. But you must try to learn to train and devoted to bringing the team to the fullest practice

Chelsea has to face scandalous work in the next season when he has to open the field with the "Red Devils" against Manchester United, but if the "Indigo Blue Lions" get a good match at Old Ta Rafford is considered a new beginning, a nice job for the team under the reigns of Lampard, as José Mourinho did when he headed the team upside down. "Red Devils" The first game that took its reins in 2004

3. Give the player the possibility of being lent to shine.
Hudson-Doi is one of the youngest players who have achieved outstanding successes, given that he has been given the opportunity to play continuously with the great team, giving him the opportunity to develop his rhythm.

However, there are many young players like Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Reece James I Figaro Toomori He was successful in being sent to give him many periods Last season Although in the Championships, other players such as Kurt Zuma and Mitsui Batshu are considered to be highly experienced players, but Sary does not believe in them.

Get rid of

The only way is that Lampard tries to connect with Chelsea fans. Believing in the borrowed player Especially the club's young talent By giving players the opportunity to enter the field, more than Chelsea would have been banned in UEFA, the ban on the players market this summer. By January of the next year Make all the players provided meaning to the club.

However, no one knows what a young star will shine more than Lampard's assistant, Jodi Morris, who is the head of the youth training center for 5 years.

4. Capture Dante playing in the best position
Sarni announced a clear consensus that Jorinho played in the heart of the center of the club. Enko's coat of arms The fact of getting caught in an unknown position is the role of a more aggressive player, which makes the star be the blood. It can not be adapted

Get rid of

Dante is still one of the best players. But sometimes their potential to be trapped in an incorrect position is reduced. Of course, players can return to the top form as before. If you are caught to play in the position that refers to the most appropriate person

This is one of the players that make Chelsea difficult to lose: in terms of the offensive game "Sing the Blues", there are players like Reuben Lofts-Sheikh, Ross Barkley and Mount. That these players should be free to play the complete game. Of course, it will double the benefits for the team.

5. Undo the "Saryball" style.
It seems that this is a great theory, but in reality the style of Saryball is far from reality. Of course, Chelsea fans would have known that the team had to find many difficulties with the plans that the Italian coach had asked the club

Get rid of

Let's see the work of Mateo Kovasic and Giorgio. You can see that both people can not create quality work as expected: in reality, Sary tries to break the game style. Like the original club, this is a sudden return and I replace the charming game style with emotion

However, Lampard is based on Chelsea's original work, so he must cut the chaotic elements, not necessarily "Sary Ball", and replace them with a fast paced game and clear goals. This way you have the right to win Chelsea fans.

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